Release Notes Patch 10.1

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Release Notes Patch 10.1

Beitrag  Raysha am Mi 13 Jul 2011, 04:28

Hier der Link zu den Release Notes:

Und für die, die sich nicht alles durchlesen wollen, die wichtigsten Änderungen:

  • The Aura of Menace projected by a Favored Soul's Angel of Vengeance is now suppressed when the player is sneaking or invisible.
  • The drop rate of named items has been significantly increased in the Desecrated Temple of Vol, Fleshmaker's Laboratory, Ghosts of Perdition, and Inferno of the Damned.
  • Blood of Dragons and Astral Diamonds are now Bound to Account instead of Bound to Character.
  • Tower of Despair: Player soul stones will now return to the top of the platform if a player dies in the lava around the grand staircase area.
  • Monsters will no longer cast more Magic Missiles, Force Missiles, and Chain Missiles than intended.
  • Worldwide XP bonuses (such as the bonuses granted during special weekend events) now apply to landscapes as well as dungeons.

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